Lipscomb University Offers Master's in Civic Leadership

The Nelson and Sue Andrew's Institute for Civic Leadership at Lipscomb University offers academic programming through a project based Master’s degree in Civic Leadership and a graduate Certificate in Civic Leadership that allows students to address the community’s most pressing needs. Our students do more than theorize how to change communities. They actually implement solutions and are indeed making a positive impact on the communities where they live, work, play and serve. This change can be seen as positive or negative, exciting or demoralizing, vital or unnecessary, easy or difficult—often all of the above (CCL, 2015). Students completing the MA in Civic Leadership are more prepared than their counterparts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to not just manage but inspire positive positive change in the areas of non-profit, government, volunteer or private sector service. A Civic Leadership student is a better leader!

Join us! You will be more prepared with the knowledge, skills and abilities to not just manage but inspire positive change in the areas of non-profit, government, volunteer or private sector service. A Civic Leadership student is a better leader! 

MA Program Features: 

Cohort/Lockstep Model: The cohort model encourages a more dynamic, collaborative, and supportive learning environment to carry graduate students through the program. Complete the entire degree in 15 months with classes held every other weekend in three-week segments. 

Collaborative Relationships: Experienced and talented faculty and practitioners engage the learner in practical real world experiences. Students from diverse backgrounds with varying career interests further enhance the classroom experience. 

Solve real-world problems: Students will find value in both the acquisition of knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge to solving societal needs and issues through collaboration. Content knowledge and analytical skills derived from the coursework are applied to the student's project and substantiated in design, implementation and evaluation. 

Grounded in distinct principles, but tailored to individual interests and pursuits:  You will know how to systematically identify, analyze and address needs of importance to you. You will also understand the broader social, economic, political, and historical context of contemporary civic issues and apply this knowledge and analytical skills to implementation of the project.   

NOW IS THE TIME! Be PREPARED with knowledge and experience to further your career and/or your civic engagement!


Classes begin August 12

For more information:

Danielle Nichols, New Student Enrollment Manger, 615-966-7226 or

Michelle D. Steele, Academic Director, 615-966-5181 or