LMT Program Facts

Program Founding

  • LMT was founded in 1999 and the first class graduated in 2001.
  • The organization emerged from the founding leaders’ foresight that the region’s counties must work collaboratively to achieve economic prosperity and growth while further enhancing our desirable Middle Tennessee quality of life.

Organizational Structure

  • Leadership Middle Tennessee Inc. is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • There is a full-time president and a 36-member board of directors comprised of LMT alumni with representation from each of the 10 counties.
  • Various committees comprised of LMT alumni actively support the program’s mission and each year’s class program.
  • LMT is operated from the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, which is a founding partner.

Time Commitment to Your Class

  • The program’s success depends on the unique dynamics of each LMT class. Therefore, your attendance at all events during your year is mandatory. Three absences will result in dismissal from your class. Events are comprised of the following:
  • An Opening Retreat in early August (mandatory attendance).
  • 10 one-and-a-half day sessions, from September to June, each located in participating counties.
  • The Year in Review/Commencement, which is in mid-June.

Tuition and Costs

  • Tuition for each class member is $1,500, which covers
    approximately 20 percent of the annual LMT budget for the
    expense of funding the class.
  • The vast majority of the program’s funding comes from
    sponsorships and alumni annual donations.
  • Included in tuition: speakers, materials, meals and
    transportation during the sessions.
  • Not included in tuition: transportation to and from the sessions and hotel accommodations (class members spend one night in a hotel for each county session).
  • Tuition must be paid by Aug. 1.

Class Size

Each class is comprised of approximately
36 - 40 members.

How to Apply

  • Candidates are encouraged to apply via
    the LMT website; complete instructions
    can be found at apply.leadmt.org.
  • The deadline is early May, 2021.
  • In order to be considered for class
    membership, candidates should submit
    the following:
    1. Fully completed LMT class application
    2. Two letters of recommendation
    3. A photograph of yourself (a head-andshoulders
      shot with a digital file size of
      800KB to 3MB)

Selection of Class Members

  • All applicants are carefully reviewed by a
    selection committee.
  • Each class will include members from all
    10 counties.
  • There is a competitive selection process
    and some candidates have applied for
    the program multiple times before being
  • Great care is taken to ensure diversity
    across counties, occupations, gender and
  • The review process is in June with new
    class members being notified in early July.