Name: Laurie Riley
LMT Class: 2019
County: Robertson
Employment: Riley Bros. Land, LLC

“”A champion for sustainable growth, this community leader brightens Robertson County’s rural lifestyles with a passion for those around her.””  

Work:   Riley Bros. Land, LLC

About: Laurie Riley loves her community of Robertson County and believes sustainable growth for farmland is essential while providing the necessity of quality homes for families. That is the turn her life has taken as a community leader for small business throughout rural living in Tennessee. An eclectic education and workforce background has prepared her for this role.  Laurie has a 15-year paralegal career and entrepreneurial background that includes a home retail sales business and three convenience markets.  She has financial lending institution experience and is a healthcare advocate, participating in six annual mission trips to Haiti.  An alumnus of Leadership Robertson as well as LMT, Laurie is Secretary of the Robertson County Joint Economic Community Development Board, and a member of Kiwanis, Robertson Co Recovery Board, and Cumberland Region Tomorrow.  Farm and city living with her husband of 19 years, Billy Joe, and their five children and five grandchildren make for healthy living in Springfield, TN.  

Leadership:  It means having “an absolute passion for those around you with the ability to apply beneficial improvements for all—not just some.”  

Mentorship:   A mentor is “one that never waivers from a hard decision.  My mentor was patient and always searched for the knowledge to create a healthy path for all involved.  Perseverance and endurance through all of the pieces of the puzzle, while holding onto compassion.”   

Regional Issue: “Preservation of farmland with a healthy vision of needed infrastructure as our region’s population grows”  

LMT Impact: Leadership Middle Tennessee gave Laurie “the knowledge to see the region surrounding Robertson County, and encouraged visions of Robertson County growth.”  She saw “the importance for all elected County Commissioners, City Aldermen, eleven mayors, the Board of Education and our Industrial Development to push thru the struggle of working together.”  

Success: “With every failure I had growing up, my Dad would always say to me ’you define your success with every failure,’ further to say that success is sweeter with every failure.  You know you are growing when you see and feel that success.” 

Favorite Quote: “Tomorrow is another day” (from Gone with the Wind)