Admission & Program FAQs

I live in one county and work in another.  Which county would I be representing?
Typically, your county of residence serves as your representative county.
When will I know if I have been selected and who will be in my class?
Selection is based on professional and community leadership achievements, potential to contribute to the economic and cultural development of Middle Tennessee and a commitment to Leadership Middle Tennessee’s mission. Participants are chosen from a variety of occupations and levels of community and regional involvement. The new class members are typically announced in early July.
How much time will I need to invest to participate?
The LMT program requires you to attend eleven 1.5-day sessions over an eleven-month period. These sessions are typically held midday Wednesday through all day Thursday on the third week of each month, August-June. Here is the schedule for the upcoming year’s curriculum. Attendance at these sessions, which are held on location in each host county, are mandatory for graduating with your class. Block rate specials for hotel rooms are reserved for each in-county session. Overnight stays are expected, except in your home county and for the graduation session. Participants are expected to reserve and pay for their own hotel accommodations.
What Topics Are Covered in the Program?

Class and alumni experiences can be diverse, interactive, educational and entertaining as you gain an insider’s view to what makes each county tick. While you learn about each county, you’ll also be focusing on topics important to our region as a whole:

  1. Transportation
  2. Economic Development
  3. Environmental Sustainability & Quality of Life
  4. Education & Workforce Development
  5. Agribusiness & Planning for Growth
  6. Metro/State Government & Culture
  7. Historic Preservation & Revitalization
  8. Tourism & Sports
  9. Public Health
  10. Regional Impact of the Military and Fort Campbell 

Here is the detailed schedule of the 2024-2025 program

What happens if I have a conflict with the date of one of the sessions?
Candidates are expected to clear their calendar for these sessions in advance of applying. While unavoidable conflicts can sometimes arise, participants who miss more than two sessions will be dismissed from the program.
What happens after I complete the Program?
The networks our participants develop last a lifetime. LMT graduates are expected to stay involved and have a number of ways in which to remain engaged and committed, including assisting with planning county sessions, participating in service projects and alumni events, and providing financial support with a business partnership or a donation to our leader fund.
If I don’t get selected for the upcoming class can I apply again?
It is a competitive selection process, so we encourage you to re-apply.
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