Development Committee
The development committee is responsible for securing gifts to fund the administrative operations of Leadership Middle Tennessee, as well as to assist and coordinate securing income. 

Program Committee
Ensuring high quality, topical program sessions are the charge of the program committee.  The committee develops and updates guidelines for each county-based session, provides guidance to the county planners and provides ongoing coordination and evaluation of the sessions. 

Finance Committee
The finance committee assists the treasurer in preparing the budget and in monitoring income and expenses. 

Alumni Committee
The alumni committee supports the Leadership Middle Tennessee organization to organize events that foster and develop professional skills and personal relationships among alumni, including the new class orientation, annual alumni summit, class commencement, county alumni events, all alumni events, and other developmental and networking opportunities.

Communications Committee
Sharing news in the region to build awareness and interest in Leadership Middle Tennessee and to assist in the regular and clear dissemination of information to alumni is the responsibility of the communications committee.

Governance Committee
The governance committee is charged with identification, recruitment, orientation, ongoing education and evaluation of the Leadership Middle Tennessee board and officers.  The committee also works to see that the organization’s by-laws are current in order for the organization to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Selection Committee
Establishing and updating criteria for class selection, working with the communications committee to build nominations, and selecting class members is the responsibility of the selection committee. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Initiates and implements a recruitment strategy to ensure Leadership Middle Tennessee has diversity within its applicants for the program year.  In addition, the DEI committee will promote programming, session speakers, marketing and recruitment materials which reflect diversity.


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