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Leadership Middle Tennessee helps leaders and their organizations to become more effective by helping them broaden their perspective and impact in the region. Our program takes established leaders from diverse backgrounds on an inclusive journey through Middle Tennessee to uncover what makes this area so incredible and how leaders can use their strengths to make it even better for all.

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"MAY MATCH" Event Spotlight

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Nashville’s Drive To Work

Workforce Accessibilit & Transportation Incentive Stratiegies.
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Alumni Spotlight

David England, Class of 2012

David H. England, a dedicated CPA and Financial Advisor since 1984, cherishes his roots and values the lessons learned from a humble upbringing. With a family of seven and a career spanning Deloitte to entrepreneurship, England emphasizes the joy of helping others succeed. A memorable adventure in Europe at 17 and a wish for a lunch with Jesus Christ highlight his diverse interests and deep faith.

County Spotlight

Sumner County

In Davidson County’s northeast border lies Sumner County, known as “Nashville’s North Shore” with 440 miles of Old Hickory Lake shoreline.
Sumner County has seven vibrant cities, including Gallatin and Hendersonville, the fastest-growing. Diverse local economies span corporate offices, manufacturing, and more.
Award-winning K-12 schools partner with higher ed institutions for community development. Fishing and boating provide unique tranquility.
Leadership Middle Tennessee explores Tourism and Sports, delving into the county’s rich history, including colonial sites and a musical heritage. Sumner County also hosts various sports tournaments.

Donor Spotlight

THANKS to our donors – fiscal year (July ’23-June ’24)

Event Spotlight

Join us on April 18, 2024, for IGNITE – a dazzling celebration by Leadership Middle Tennessee. This isn’t just an event; it’s a homage to our region’s diverse charm. Be part of a night where leadership’s rhythm vibrates, connections deepen, and our community’s future brightens. Your presence is not just valued; it’s pivotal in weaving the rich tapestry of our collective journey. Come, be the change, and light up the path for a radiant tomorrow!

Alumni Spotlight

David England, Class of 2002

David H. England, a dedicated CPA and Financial Advisor since 1984, cherishes his humble beginnings and the powerful influence of family and faith. With a career spanning Deloitte to banking, and now leading his own practice in Dickson County, David’s life is marked by a commitment to helping others prosper. A proud father and a visionary leader, his journey is fueled by a passion for positive change and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

County Spotlight

Rutherford County

Located southeast of Nashville, Rutherford County, with 330,000+ residents, leads Tennessee’s growth. Cities include Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne, and Eagleville. Home to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), educating 20,000+ students, Rutherford County is a key Greater Nashville workforce source. K-12 programs prioritize STEM and career readiness. Leadership Middle Tennessee (LMT) explores global markets’ local impact. Nissan’s US-largest plant offers valuable insights. 

Donor Spotlight

THANKS to our donors – fiscal year (July ’23-June ’24)

Participants in Leadership Middle Tennessee share a unique experience of discovery, connection and finding new ways to contribute in their communities.


The LMT program takes leaders on a journey through the ten-county region, with tours and discussions with local leaders and alumni, helping participants understand the unique attributes and contributions of each county.   The program also provides an informal platform for self-discovery as leaders learn more about themselves and each other as leaders.


LMT classmates form life-long friendships and connections that help them and their companies to more effectively navigate the local and regional landscape.   Alumni continue stay in touch through social and educational events and special projects, sustaining regional understanding and cooperation.


Each LMT class and nearly 600 people in our alumni network make up a powerful cadre of community and business leaders who can help mobilize any community service effort, whether it is the current year’s class service project or a rollout of multi-county efforts like the Buddy Bench. 

May Match

Support Leadership Middle Tennessee and Join usMay 15 & May 16 at 6 PM for our May Match...

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