LMT expands its ability to develop regional leaders through a new leadership program for its alumni and business partners.  Developed in partnership with LMT alumni and leadership gurus, Dr. Trish Holliday and Donna Yurdin, “Pathways to Great Leadership” is a peer group program that engages its members to challenge thinking as they explore great leadership practices.  

The program offers three distinct development tracks for individuals’ growth as either a new leader, mid-career leader, or senior leader.  Six virtual sessions include leadership content, individual assessments, and coaching.

In partnership with Leadership Middle Tennessee, the “Pathways to Great Leadership” program will be offered at a special rate to all of Leadership Middle Tennessee’s 620-member alumni and employees of their companies.

“We see this as a natural extension of the year-long Leadership Middle Tennessee program,” said Kurt Winstead, chairmen of  Leadership Middle Tennessee.  “We’ve built up a fine cadre of leaders positioned to make a difference in the region.  This program can help them fine-tune their effectiveness as leaders.”

The first peer group session is targeted to begin in the spring of 2022.  For more information see Pathways to Great Leadership or contact:   donna@credomc.com 615-579-0607, trish@hollidaykenning.com 615-948-3599


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