2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan

Inspiring Regional Leadership


Create a culture where alumni are proud of their affiliation and engagement is a long-term commitment and benefit • Ensure that alumni engagement integrates throughout Leadership Middle Tennessee to include recruitment, fundraising, programming and alumni activities • Establish an alumni engagement plan to include consistent communications, activities and programs that provide value and benefit to alumni 


Create partnerships with regional leadership and visioning organizations • Engage with statewide and national leadership organizations • Collaborate with similar organizations • Provide opportunities for corporate relationships • Offer programs on leadership and the region • Promote involvement and explore partnerships with other regional programs • Evaluate opportunities to give back to local communities 


Enhance programming to further inspire and develop leaders and regionalism • Update the program guidelines to ensure the highest quality, relevant, fluid and consistent programs that are balanced and educational • Create plans to maximize internal and external communications for each county program as well as signature special events • Further integrate leadership development into the programming 


Implement a sustainable funding model • Create a five-year plan for sustainability to include program income, fundraising, and establishment of reserves and endowment • Align the budget with program, alumni, recruitment and collaboration goals to include needed staff and infrastructure 


Continue to enhance the quality of each class • Update the recruitment process for communication and engagement • Offer year-round applications • Strive to have classes that reflect the region

Who We Are:

Leadership Middle Tennessee uses collaborative efforts to promote sustainable economic and community growth for the benefit of Middle Tennessee. A single class is comprised of ten counties’ most impactful and inspirational leaders. In 2018, Leadership Middle Tennessee embarked on a strategic planning process to ensure its programs strengthen Middle Tennessee and promote regionalism. The process included insight from more than 120 individuals, including alumni and area leaders as well as benchmarking and a review of background data. The Inspiring Regional Leadership plan was approved at the October 2018 board meeting. This plan contains five priority areas that support Leadership Middle Tennessee and its commitment to the region. Here are the five priority areas and the goals within each area.

Strategic Planning Committee:

  • Paine Bone 
  • Tom Brennan
  • Leisa Byars
  • Reggie Mudd
  • Lee Rucks
  • Dewayne Scott
  • Gina Scott
  • Paul Stumb
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Jack Turner
  • Randy Wilmore
  • Kurt Winstead
  • Jules Wortman
  • Donna Yurdin
  • Jill Ayers, Board Chair 
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