BG Kurt Winstead (LMT 2015/Board Chair) retires from the military after 30 years and 5 months. "I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve my state and country and fortunate to spend my last four years as a general officer."

Pictured left to right: Jeff Holmes (LMT 2001), Deb Varallo (LMT 2004), Phil Harpel (LMT 2011), Mary Margo Turner (LMT 2019), Lynn Maddox (LMT 2014), Nancy Conway (LMT 2002), Kurt Winstead (LMT 2015), Bill Powers (LMT 2017), Jill Ayers (LMT 2010), Randy Wilmore (LMT 2011), Paul Stumb (LMT 2006).


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