Cheatham County

Cheatham County is located west of Davidson county, sharing the longest border with Davidson than any of the other surrounding counties.  The population of the county is right at 40,000.  Much like the state of Tennessee, most Cheatham residents view the county as three distinct parts. In the north, is the town of Pleasant View. The central portion holds the county seat of Ashland City. The southern part has the towns of Kingston Springs and Pegram.   

 Each of these sections of the county have their own unique characteristics.  Pleasant View is a vibrant center of growth that is well positioned between Clarksville and Nashville on I24.  Ashland City is the county seat and contains much of the county’s industry due to its proximity to the Cumberland River.  Kingston Springs and Pegram are located around the Harpeth river.  Both communities are known for their natural beauty, the availability of outdoor activities, and are within short commuting distance of Nashville.  

The Cheatham LMT session covers recreation and natural resources.  Past Cheatham sessions have given the opportunity to enjoy the friendships you have developed in your LMT classes as you engage in some outdoor activities.  The first day typically involves a trip down the scenic Harpeth river, followed by some zip lining at Adventure works.  On the second day you will see how the Cumberland river, as a natural resource, drives much of our counties industry.

We like to think of Cheatham county as middle Tennessee’s back yard.  Our beautiful natural resources provide a delightful escape for many people around the region.  After you complete the LMT curriculum, it is my hope that you return to Cheatham county and enjoy our outdoor spaces. 

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